Keep your Prescription Glasses Clean

August 31, 2010

Prescription Glasses

Prescription GlassesDid you have trouble reading the newspaper and went to the optometrist last week? Did he ask you to get prescription glasses? Well these glasses will go a long way in improving your vision and therefore your primary duty now is to purchase these glasses. You can purchase them from your neighborhood optical store or can get eyeglasses online. However your duty does not end here. You will need to make sure you wear the glasses regularly and keep them clean always. You need to clean the glasses regularly and more importantly clean them in the right manner. If you think that just rubbing or wiping them with your shirt or your dress is enough to get it cleaned you are gravely mistaken.

Prescription GlassesYou should never clean your glasses in a dry manner. Cleaning the prescription glasses with clean dry handkerchief or tissue paper will do more harm than good. It will be great if you can clean your specs with warm soapy water. There are several lens cleansers in the market that help you clean the lens of your specs effectively. When you buy your eyeglasses online you can order for these cleansers too. Are you wondering why should you never clean your glasses dry? Actually if there are dust particles on your glasses and you try to clean it with a dry towel you glasses will end up with scratches. These scratches will hamper your vision. You can clean your glasses by just opening a tap and holding your glasses under the flowing tap. Gently rub some soap on the glasses. Wash off the soap with a dry towel and pat your glasses dry.

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